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Engine Rebuild

Engine Rebuild

Most engine failures can be prevented with routine service and maintenance. We can not stress this enough as preventative care is always going to be the best financial decision and keep your vehicle on the road. There are many common ways an engine can be damaged. It could be a broken water pump, heater core clogged, a thermostat is broken, oil pump not working, low oil, old engine oil and more.

When an engine is rebuilt, we will have to remove the engine from the car and get to the core issue as to why it failed. Once the engine is rebuilt, we will give you a list of all of the parts replaced so you can know how it failed in the first place. Repairing your engine over replacing is recommended by us due to we can repair an engine to where it is just like new. It also can be a more affordable option for you as well!

Engine Rebuild FAQ

Question #1) How much does it cost to rebuild an engine?

A rough estimate is between $2,500 and $4,000. Although it could be cheaper or more expensive, this a rough average.  This can be an affordable way to fix your engine rather than replace it with a new one that can cost thousands more.

Question #2) Should I rebuild my engine even if it has a ton of miles?

This is a common question we receive. We have some of the best mechanics in the world. With that being said, an engine repair from us is just as good as a brand new engine. Generally speaking, a rebuilt engine done correctly resets the miles it has on it.

Question #3) How long does it take to rebuild an engine?

Rebuilding an engine can take some time. After diagnosing the issues with the engine, a time estimate will be given immediately after we know how to fix the issue.

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