Tech Tips
Manual Transmission Care

Transmissions are not seen so they are often neglected and proper maintenance is a major problem. When the subject of maintenance arises usually vehicle owners are lost. Below is a list of manual transmission tips to keep in mind:

  • Have your vehicles transmission fluid checked regularly.
  • Be aware of noises, these are early warning signs.
  • Hard to shift and sometimes resistance is felt from gear to gear.
  • Check the ground for leaks.
  • Do not wait to long if your clutch begins to slip.
  • Grinding noises are serious.
  • Be wary of cheap repair prices, patch artist just cause more problems.
  • Don't use high gear when in mountainous terrain.
  • High gear takes more abuse from wear and tear.
  • Avoid repair pitfalls by knowing the facts.

Additional Tips on Maintaining Your Transmission

It is important to maintain your transmission in accordance with your manufacturer's recommendations.

  1. Inspect The Level And Condition Of Fluid

    Make sure you inspect the level and condition of your manual transmission fluid. This requires removing the oil fill plug from the transmission. Do not do this unless you are mechanically inclined. Often even oil change shops remove the wrong plug and cause serious damage. Look for a professional.

  2. Be Aware Of Any Unusual Noises

    To catch a problem with your transmission before it causes major damage, you should always be aware of any unusual behavior, noises or vibrations from your vehicle and have them checked right away.

  3. Inspect For Leaks

    Inspect beneath your car for leaks. The transmission fluid is can be red, or dark brown color, so leaks are to be attended to quickly. Most warranties new and remanufactured place the responsibility on the owner to maintain the fluid level at proper interval even under warranty.

  4. Spot The Warning Signs
    If you experience any of the following contact Transmission specialist near you.
    • The engine sounds like it's running, but the vehicle doesn't move
    • You hear unusual noises when the vehicle shifts during acceleration
    • You've noticed a fluid under your vehicle
    • Standard transmission is noisy or hard to shift
  5. Worn Clutch Causes Shudder

    If your manual transmission shudders when you shift, if you really have to work to change gears, or if you hear noise, it's time to check it.

  6. Preventive Maintenance

    Your transmission's internal parts enemy is heat, friction and abuse. In fact, nearly nine out of ten transmission failures are due to overheating, fluid loss and normal wear and tear, simply metal on metal fatigue. Preventive maintenance every 60,000 miles, such as bearing overhaul, is the key to insuring a longer life span of your manual transmission.