Our Transmission Repair Services

All-Trans has been one of the leading transmission repair service providers in the Southeast for over 25 years. We are locally owned and operated, allowing us to provide our top-quality service while saving you the extra cost. Whether your transmission needs to be repaired, rebuilt or replaced we've got you covered.

We provide our services to foreign, domestic, front wheel drive and rear wheel drive vehicles and trucks up to 5 tons.

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Automatic Transmission Repairs, Rebuild & Replacement

All-Trans has assembled a dedicated team of trained professionals to provide a full range of automatic transmission repair services on new and older cars.

Sophisticated electronic controls, computerized solenoids and 5, 6 and 7 speed automatics require a new level of dedication and training for proper repair. Because of this, All-Trans technicians are dedicated to using the latest repair techniques, computer scanners and training in order to provide you with the best automatic transmission services at a reasonable rate.

Manual Transmission Repairs, Rebuild & Replacement

All-Trans has been one of the leading suppliers of rebuilt manual transmission and repair parts for over 25 years. We keep over 200 remanufactured manual transmissions in stock so you can get back on the road quickly. We also offer complete installation services, parts, bearing kits and new and used gears.

We also have experience in conversion projects such as restoring vintage and classic transmissions, upgrading from 3 or 4 speeds to 5, Street Rod conversions, restoration of vintage transmissions and so much more.

Clutches, Pressure Plates, Differentials, Transfer Cases & Accessories

All-Trans has been using a LUK clutch distributor for over 25 years, and for one reason: we consistently get the best performance out of LUK! LUK is also the dedicated developer and supplier for the Original Equipment Manufacturers.

We stock the 50 most popular units and can either rebuild a transfer case or custom build a replacement unit specifically for you. All-Trans also provides a complete range of differential services including repairs, rebuilding and upgrades. We'll replace any ring and pinion gears, internal gear kits and axles with ease.