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How To Choose Your Transmission Repair Shop
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How to choose your transmission repair shop can be a difficult task. When deciding on who you choose to repair your vehicle’s transmission, you should consider 3 critical factors.

1.) Always Check For Google Reviews

Reviews are critical to see if it is a trusted transmission repair shop to get work done at. Unfortunately, there are a lot of scam artists out there today that will put fake reviews on their website or do whatever it takes to gain your business.

With Google, you can simply type (for example) “All Trans Inc Reviews”. On the right-hand side of your screen, you will see All Trans Inc appear with all of its Google Reviews. With well over 100 excellent reviews, All Trans Inc would be a great transmission repair shop to have your vehicle checked out at. Google reviews are also verified and are regulated by google so that you can trust them.


2.) Long History Of Transmission Repair

If you are bringing your vehicle to a repair shop that has been in business for 6 months, there is no telling how well of a job they will do. Generally speaking, you want to find a transmission repair shop that has at least 10 years of experience. Just using common sense as well if any business has been around for 10 or more years, it is a great indicator that they are providing a valuable service with repeat customers.


3.) Get A Quote From Multiple Transmission Repair Shops

When shopping around in a grocery store, you won’t just look at one item and put it in your grocery cart, right? Instead, you will find similar items and usually go with the cheaper option if it still provides the value you want.

This is what you should do when finding a transmission repair shop. If you follow the first 2 steps above, then you should go with the more affordable option. That way you can have a reputable shop work on your car at a lower price.