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Transmission Rebuild

Transmission Rebuild

All-Trans has been one of the leading suppliers of rebuilt manual transmission and repair parts for over 25 years. We keep over 200 remanufactured manual transmissions in stock so you can get back on the road quickly. We also offer complete installation services, parts, bearing kits and new and used gears. We also have experience in conversion projects such as restoring vintage and classic transmissions, upgrading from 3 or 4 speeds to 5, Street Rod conversions, restoration of vintage transmissions and so much more.

All Trans Inc will give you a fair price when it comes to rebuilding a transmission. Our mechanics are ready and trained when you are!

Transmission Rebuild FAQ

Question #1) How much does it cost to rebuild a transmission?

We hear this question almost every day. As we know, transmissions can be a more expensive repair than your average car fix. For a rough answer, expect to at least spend $1,500. As we will not be able to give you an estimate until we know exactly what needs to be done. A lot of times, a new transmission will cost you a lot more and this can be a more affordable option. Once our mechanics rebuild your transmission, it will last as long as a new one would.

Question #2) Typically how long will a rebuilt transmission last?

There are multiple vehicles that serve different purposes. Some vehicles are towing heavy machinery all the time while others are just daily commuters to work. If you follow our recommended maintenance guidelines after we rebuild your transmission, it will last a very long time. We stand by all of our work, so if you drive it off the lot and a week later you notice or think something is wrong, please feel free to give us a call.

Question #3) Can you rebuild your transmission yourself?

Of course, you can! There are plenty of transmission repair kits online that you can buy. But…. here is the issue. If you run into a problem and don’t have experience fixing transmissions, you will end up later on calling a transmission shop to fix another issue you just created. Experience is key in this industry. Our mechanics are able to work efficiently due to their high level of expertise. We highly recommend to not rebuild your transmission yourself. If you do decide to and get stuck, we are here for you to help finish the job.

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